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November 27, 2012
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Conky Calendar+Mail+Apt V5.1 English by jbaseb Conky Calendar+Mail+Apt V5.1 English by jbaseb
Conky calendar+available mail+up-to-date information available using bash and pl scripts recovered slightly on the Internet and processed: by Mobilediesel by DarthWound by Avalanche
The package "Aptitude" must be installed so that the police "Droid Sans Mono Bold"
The "calendrier" folder is copied to the folder "~/conky".
The ".conkyrc" are copied to your Home folder.
It is also necessary to create a file ".reminders" in your Home folder.
"" only works if the verification updates are done automatically in your system.
Synaptic and Thunderbird must be started with the files tunderbird and sinaptic in the "calendrier" folder.
You can copy these files in "/usr/local/bin".
You must also set in the file "" your mailbox with your username and password.

!!!! Do not forget to make this file can only be used by you !!!!

Excuse me, I forgot to include in my archive files ".conkyrc".
Adding spoken messages to the rocker launcher opening the mail-apt window conky. (Change in the "" "" and "" files).

It is necessary to add a package to get the HomeDir Perl module for "" (libfile-homedir-perl for ubuntu)
Adding spoken messages for "apt-email" .I am largely inspired by the script "Speech Script by Dan Fountain".
Messages are obtained from "…" and The audio files copied to the progressively in the folder "~/conky/calendrier/sons."
Improved script (problem with backquote in particular and replacing the command "echo").
Some additions to the "" scripts and "" to connect to the script speech "".

Fixed an error in "~/conky/calendrier/.conkyrc_chargement2" file about the "fond355x25.png" picture.
Creating a launcher switch "mail_apt_data_panel" to stop or start "mail_apt_data". You can copy to "/usr/local/bin/".

Addition 3rd panel with Ubuntu version, Kernel, RAM, Swap, CPU load, Process.
Change line 5 "cat /etc/lsb-release" file "~/conky/calendrier/" if necessary, for another Linux distribution.

The package "aptitude" is no longer needed, you can uninstall it. Looking for updates is via "apt-get"
Create a file "~/conky/calendar/launchers/mailapt_data" which tracks the number of updates to packages in all deposits and new mails from your ISP. You can copy it to "/usr/local/bin" and start with automatic loading "XFCE" (equal opportunity for other distributions).
Not to be obliged to enter a password, it is necessary to add the following two lines in the file "/etc/sudoers"
foo ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/apt-get - simulate upgrade
foo ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/apt-get update
Replace "foo" with your "username".
Also change the launcher switches "~/conky/calendar/launchers/" (1 click opens the conky, click closes another one), you can also copy "/usr/local/bin".
Remove ". Conkyrc_mail_text,. Conkyrc_mail_text2,. Conkyrc_apt_text,. Conkyrc_apt_text2, and"
Renaming "" with ""
Create a file "~/conky/calendrier/" which indicates the number of updates without asking the deposits after closing "Synaptic".
Changing names for launchers "synaptic and thunderbird", now they call themselves "sinaptic" and "tunderbird"
Change configurations "and sinaptic tunderbird."
Adding trace file "~/conky/calendrier/suivi" of data updates.
Test network connection in "~/conky/calendrier/".
Create a file "~/conky/calendrier/launchers/meteo_mail_apt_data ( weather + mail + apt datas )".You can copy it to "/usr/local/bin" and start with automatic loading "XFCE" (equal opportunity for other distributions).

Change in appearance and improved parameters in conky.
Refocusing of calendar displaying the background image in a different conky because "" appears, too far left.
The start is the file "" in the "calendrier" folder.
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